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When I was planning my ride in the winter of 1996-97, there were maybe half a dozen bicycle tour reports on the internet. Now there are hundreds, if not thousands. I long ago gave up trying to keep up! Here instead are links to a few pages that do a better job of cataloging all the ride reports out there, plus links to a few individual reports that for one reason or another I liked.

Bike touring resource pages
Travel to the Horizon
World-wide touring information and reports.
Mike Bentley's Touring and Travelogue Links
Mike links twice to me on the same page, bless his heart.
Adventure Cycling - Online Journals
Adventure Cycling recently posted a compilation of online ride reports written by its members. I've perused only a couple, but it looks like a good collection.
The WWW Bicycle Lane
Bryn Dole offers up a couple hundred pretty useful bike links.
Tour Tales: Bicycle Touring Stories and Information
A nice collection of bike touring stories and information.


Ride reports
DC Bike Commuter Blog
With a wife and two kids, most of my biking nowadays is to and from work. Here's a blog about it.
Boston -> DC, 1995
In the fall of 1995 I took a week to ride this segment of the east coast. If my cross-country writeup didn't wear you out, have a look.
To Hail and Back
Still more shameless self-promotion. A one-page letter I wrote home about a nasty 13 mile bike ride in England. Its main virtue is that it's short.
Dave & Babak's Cross Country Bicycle Trip
This site crops up everywhere. I am not sure if it is because the site is straightforward, fun and helpful, or because the authors are real good at picking keywords for search engines.
Jim Vallino's Cross Country Bike Trips
Jim Vallino photographically recounts his 1996 cross-country trip and describes another from 2003. Engaging.
Armchair World: Cycle Across America
Bunni and Carolyn, ages 55 and 60, ride from California to Florida.
Bike Touring Circa 1980
Matthew Cole provides a glimpse of bike touring in - surprise - 1980. A nice page, evoking unexpected depth of nostalgia for an era that shouldn't seem all that bygone. Extensive links into Matthew's photography site too.
Mark Gardner's 1998 tour
Mark and I talked about riding in 1997. He took his tour the next summer --
Ken & Carol's Cross-Country Ramblings
Ken & Carol Lyon, 1996.
Steve's Big Adventures
Steve Leroux describes various week-long trips on the Pacific Coast.
Eric Anderson's "Coast to Coast 1999"
Eric Andersen quits his job to ride across the country. Well laid out, with lots of photos and great graphics.

Long distance touring books seem to come and go - the ones now on the shelves at the bookstore are almost completely different than the ones that were available when I was planning my trip. Here are two that I read then, and which deserve mention:

Bicycling Coast to Coast - A Complete Route Guide / Virginia to Oregon, by Donna Lynn Ikenberry (1996). Ikenberry rode the Transamerica Trail, east to west, a couple of years before I did. Rob brought a copy along with him and from time to time we found it useful in planning our daily route. (The book is less useful when it comes to general trip preparation & training.) Clicking here will take you to the book's page at Amazon (including three reviews by customers) if you're thinking of buying it.

Over the Hills - A Midlife Escape Across America by Bicycle, by David Lamb (1996). This book came out a couple of months before I set out. It ticked me off as soon as I saw it, because he'd gone and written the book I would have written if I'd taken my ride first (and if I had his talent)! Lamb -- a smoker with an increasingly sedentary job -- set out without a day of training and a lot of the early chapters deal with his working his way into shape. But the balance of the book reflects a keen eye and a talent for storytelling; I read it again after returning from Oregon and found that I enjoyed his insights and observations even more. It seems to go in and out of print. Check this link at Amazon to see what today's news is.


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